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April 26, 2009

Torii Hunter & Fans — The Best of TheJockosphere

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Torii Hunter's last entry on Torii's Storiis talks about how Torii and his teammates are dealing with the loss of Nick Adenhart. Between Torii's post and some of the comments from Torii's readers you see clearly how a few athletes are truly connecting with their fans.

Torii's blog is authentic, as are the replies by his readers.  Here's a small sample:

"I'm sure a lot of fans are worried about us, how we've been playing, how we've been trying to cope with the loss of Nick Adenhart. All I can ask is that everybody has some patience and understanding. Sure, we're professionals, well-paid professionals, but we're also human beings -- and this hit everybody in this clubhouse like a thunderbolt. Until you've gone through something like that, I don't see how you can understand what it's like.

There have been moments since it happened that you feel like you're in a dream state. Everything just feels unreal. It's a terrible tragedy for Nick's family, to lose someone like that, so young and talented, such a great kid. How can it not hit his teammates like a ton of bricks?

. . . Time does heal. We'll get better. We'll get back to being what we are: a championship-caliber team loaded with high-character guys. We're good. We'll show it. Please, just try to be patient and give us some time to get through this."

And here's one of the many heartfelt comments from a fan.

Torii . . . Thank you so much for taking the time to write on your blog. True Angel fans want to know more about our team than what we see on TV or read in the paper. Your insight on the team and what they are dealing with should help all of us fans understand your struggles. Thank you for sharing. I care so much about every one of the Angels players and coaches that I call them my brothers. Get well soon, hermano.

In many ways, it's the best of TheJockosphere.

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