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July 24, 2009

Matt Forte is a Mathlete

Posted in: FavTweets,NFL

Yesterday Bears running back Matt Forte promised to give away a signed football in a home made twitter contest.

Ur chance at a personalized autographed photo of me is coming real soon!!!! I decided not to make it that hard this time! Good luck friends!

In the minutes after that tweet I can only assume his followers went nuts studying up on Matt.  Learning things like his middle name (Garrett), where he was born (Lake Charles, Louisiana), and what degree he earned from Tulane (Finance).  Forte nation was held on the edge of their seats waiting anxiously waiting the question.  Finally, about an hour later we got it!

QUESTION- How many times can you take 5 from 25? get it right and be 22nd and the prize is yours

Whoa!!  What?  You want me to do math.  This is so not fun!  This isn't school Matt, and you're not my teacher.  There is no way you can make me do this.  This is unfair and biased towards math people!  I protest.  *Deep breath* Ok it's obvious that the answer is five.  I just wasted an hour of my life learning what your favorite video games are (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Halo 3 for the Xbox 360.) so that I could get a question I already know the answer to?!  Mr. Forte you tricked me into reading your wikipedia page, an old interview with you, visiting your homepage, so that I could tell you that there are you can take 5 from 25 five times.  You are a marketing genius Mr. Forte!

What??!?!  What do you mean the answer isn't five?  How do you figure?  It seems that this answer wasn't a math problem, but a riddle.  You tricky running back you!!  Forte explains it all by saying:

The answe is ONCE because once u take 5 from 25 it's now 20!

Well aren't you tricky Mr Hester? Now I know how a DB feels when you juke him in the open field.  I don't feel bad though, even Matt's teammate Devin Hester got it wrong when he tweeted "5". Which makes me wonder . . .  If Hester had won, would Forte have given him the signed picture?

If you are interesting in a signed picture of Matt Forter (@chitownforte22) follow him on twitter.  Forte promises to have more contests and riddles in the future.

if you got the answer right and you lost dont worry because i have thousands and thousands of pictures to give away and plenty of riddles 4u

I'm ready for ya now Matt.  I know how ya work.  Be afraid . . . Be very afraid!

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