Arian Foster and Aaron Rodgers are Valentine’s Grinches

Arian Foster and Aaron Rodgers are Valentine’s Grinches

Since America loves celebrating stuff, whether it’s Executive Assistant Day, Pi Day or of course Leif Erikson Day (Everyone start getting your Viking Ship parade floats ready, its right around the corner), today is the holiday dedicated to the heart, Valentine’s Day.  Everyone’s out getting flowers and chocolates, but some athletes aren’t sold on the holiday.  Texans RB Arian Foster knows what’s really going on:

I think "holidays" were created to help stimulate the economy. #jussayin #imactuallyaoptimisticperson ...happy heart day!!

Even though he’s saying the only reason we take one day out of the whole year to celebrate love is to help people make money, he’s still an optimist!  He was just sayin!  And when you think about it, he might actually have a point.  When was the last time you celebrated Flag Day by honoring the Stars and Stripes?  Today Flag Day has become so commercialized it might as well be Arbor Day or Christmas.

Foster’s teammate RB Derrick Ward isn’t a fan of the day either, but for different reasons:

My love is 24/7 not 24hrs! Valentine's Day its not a real holiday so get over it people! Next person to send me a Happy Vday gettin blocked!

He’s right.  Your love should be fully expressed all the time and equally rationed across every day, not just saved for some fake day arbitrarily given significance.  That would be like only honoring groundhogs on Groundhog Day, and that would just be completely ridiculous.  Packers QB Aaron Rodgers expressed similar feelings:

Happy Valentines Day! Although it is a made-up holiday and u shouldn't need a day to show the one u love that u do, I hope u all enjoy it!

We’ll cut Mr. Rodgers a break here since his Super Bowl MVP award gives him a one year period of immunity from prosecution by the government for any crimes and  freedom from all criticism in the press, so onto Jaguars LB Kirk Morrison who’s fully embracing the day:

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. I'll be playing R&B music all day today. I'll keep ya'll updated on my playlist.

Kirk’s tackling style clearly indicates he’s a Luther Vandross/Teddy Pendergrass kinda guy, but maybe he’ll surprise everyone with some Al Green.  Morrison may be a fan of Valentine’s Day, but Thunder F Kevin Durant is calling his enthusiasm and raising him all in:

Would u catch a grenade for ur valentine??

Dang man, that’s a pretty big question.  Is it a claymore?  Would a really beautiful bouquet of roses be OK instead?  Why is someone throwing grenades on Valentine's Day anyway?  Nuggets F Carmelo Anthony is celebrating too, but he’s taking a different approach, getting thoughtful instead:

Keep in mind "Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence"

Who knew Carmelo could be so eloquent?  Meanwhile Suns PG Steve Nash is keeping it simple, reminding everyone what the day’s really about:

Happy Valentines Day to All the mothers and daughters out there. You make the world what it is.

Of course, leave it to the Canadian to keep life in perspective.

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