If only Plaxico had listened to Maurice Clarett

If only Plaxico had listened to Maurice Clarett

It's pretty obvious that up to this point in life Plaxico has not had many good role models.  He's been fined (between 40 and 50 times), suspended, and now sentenced to 2 years in jail.  No one in his life has ever taught, or perhaps more fairly, got through to him on how to think critically.  He, apparently, doesn't know how to think about the repercussions of his actions.  Repercussions that may earn him more than a simple fine or a week off.  His notoriously selfish attitude made him a great receiver on the field, but has now cost him 2 years of freedom, and much more.  All of these traits sound very familiar.  They sound like one of our favorite prison bloggers, Maurice Clarett.  If only Plax had been reading his fellow Big Ten alumnus blog all along he may have been prompted to think hard about his actions.

Life can get extremely ugly and everyone is not tough enough to stick it out. So before any nonsense takes place, take heed to this information and calculate your movements in life.

Clarett, no stranger to trouble, has been blogging his thoughts and experiences from behind bars for almost a year.  In his first post we see a remorseful, introspective, Clarett take responcibility for his actions.  Something we hope Plax has already started to do by pleading guilty and ending the circus of a trial.  If only he had been reading all along he would have seen the Clarett was trying to help him and others like him.

I’ve had a chance to identify what characteristics are needed in the most adverse conditions. I’ve come to realize that the man does not create the circumstances in his life. He only reveals what is inside of him as circumstance and opportunity change....

You must have integrity in the face of adversity and exercise self control when others are out of control. My moral compass has been guiding me throughout this current experience. It is my hopes that someone will pull something out of here to help them get through their daily living.

The next few days and weeks will be very tough for Plax.  Not that it has been easy the past few months, but the challenges and emotions ahead will challenge him at levels that no linebacker or training camp ever could.  Through these tough times I hope that he, like Clarett, can claim the following:

I am thankful to have a family who loves and supports me unconditionally.

As Plax's supporters fade he will learn who his true friends are.  Much like Clarett experienced many "friends" will leave him behind because he can't do for them what he once did.  He'll question loyalties that he held close to him in the past.

I wish much success to all my old friends who forgot about me. That goes from the rich ones to the poor ones. There will never be any hard feelings once I’m released but I will forever remember who stood by my side when things got hard. Now that the popularity, women, clubs, clothes, jewelry, cars, and bright lights are gone, so are you all. I’ll let you all live with that.

But hopefully Plax is lucky enough to find support in the right places.  Some of them even unexpected, much like the Ohio State standout found his 7 Golden Girls.

There is one specific group of people that I would like to mention outside of my family and few old friends. I call them my “golden girls.” I have seven women above the age of 55 who show me so much love weekly.  I initially thought that these women made a mistake. I wondered how women their age could even think to write me let alone do it weekly. They send me post cards, letters, photos, cards, magazines, and good energy consistently. I would have never thought that these women would support me during my time away.

Maurice shares so many great ideals that can easily be tied to Burress, Vick (either one of them), Moss, Jamal Anderson, and many other athletes, and more importantly non-athletes, out there.  His blog focuses on many aspects of his own life, his own struggles, his bad habits, his faith, and most importantly how he's battling them all to become a better person.  (Congrats on your first "A" by the way Maurice) But after scouring Clarett's blog for quotes that could be applied to this Plaxico situation, one line in particular jumped out to me.  I'm sure it was only an observation, but it turned out to be more foreshadowing than he could imagine.

The bottom line is that I am not the only good athlete back here.

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